Photo : from the series "Bestiario"

Photo : from the series "Bestiario"


Brick Magazine. Winter 2004. Canada.

Liberation newspaper. September 2004. Paris.

Front cover: Des savons pour la vie. Harry Crews. Serie Noire. Gallimard. France 2004.

Matices: 27 testimonies of breast cancer survivors. Asociacion Mexicana contra el cancer de mama y Fundacion Cima. 2003

Front cover: Historias de caza. Biblioteca de Cuento Anis del Mono. Editorial Ficticia. 2003.

Mujeres Mexicanas, Siglo XXI. L&L Ediciones. Mexico, 2003.

Diccionary ABC DF. 2002.

Magazine Los universitarios.Number 9, June 2001

Impresiones del porvenir, Hannover 2000. México, D. F., 2001

Magazine Los Universitarios. Number 5, pages 5 and 6. February 2001

Magazine Bomb. N.Y. 2000

Magazine Tierra adentro. Number 105. Fotografía Contemporánea. August-september. 2000.

Magazine Private 20 Mexicana. Fotografía Mexicana de hoy. Page 34/37 Italy

Magazine Luna Cornea. Number 19, page 69. July 2000.

Magazine Viceversa. April 2000.

Magazine Elementos Ciencia y Cultura. Universidad Autonoma de Puebla. November-January 1999-2000

Agenda Jóvenes fotógrafas mexicanas. 1999.

Magazine FotoReflex. April 1998.

Primer Cuadro. Editorial Desea. Coproduced by FONCA and UAM. April 1997.

Magazine Laberinto number 18. August 1997.

Magazine Siempre, numbers, 2292 y 2293. May 1997.

Magazine Sacbé, number 9. February 1997.

Magazine Cuartoscuro. November 1996.

Magazine Mexicana de Cultura. Newspaper El Nacional. March 1996.

Magazine Viceversa, February 1996.

Magazine Luna Córnea, number 8.

Los ferrocarriles en el arte y en la historia, published by Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México, pp. 282, 283, 292. 1984.

Sunday magazine of the newspaper La Jornada, numbers 224, 233, 240.

Magazine Luna Córnea edited by Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, numbers 2 and 4.

Magazine Ojarasca. 1993.

Magazine Los Universitarios, U N A M. July 1992.

French Magazine L´Autre Journal, June 1992.

Sunday section El Dominical of the newspaper El Nacional, December 1992 and February 1993.

Cultural section of the newspaper El Nacional, 1991 and 1992.


Centro de la Imagen. Mexico City.

Consejo Mexicano de Fotografía.

Mexico city. Fonds National d'Art Contemporain. Paris.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco.


Artistic residency. Halsnøy Kloster. September 2014

Klavdij Sluban and Diana Lui. Masterclass. 2013

Antoine d'Agata. On the limits of the photographic art: an intimate diary. 2004

Arlene Collins. Light and style. 2002

Allen Frame. Me and my circumstance. 2001

Sylvia Plachy. Signs and relics 2000

Susan Klechner Visual Diary. July 2000

Keith Carter Poesía visual. 1999

Joan Liftin. From the inside out. Documental Photography. 1999

Charles Harbutt. Learning to see. 1998

Alex Sweetman. Photography edition,1996

Manuel Laguillo, The Zone System, August 1994

Xavier Vallhonrat, Photography: Art or Object?, June 1994

Taller de Nadie, workshop held every other monday as a place of discussion and Photographic work. Since January 1994

Finalist of the Credit Commercial de France photography contest (today Prix HSBC)

Member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores. 2009-2012

Member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores. 2004-2007

Member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores. 2001-2004

Coordinates the project Arte y Fotografía at Centro de la Imagen. 2002

Works as an advisor for photographic projects.

Taught workshops sponsored by the Instituto de Cultura de la Ciudad de Mexico and the Centro de la Imagen.

Recipient of the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes Scholarship in the category of young creators. 1994-1995

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